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A Treatment For All Different Types of Joint Pain

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Sports Injuries

We know that injuries do happen while playing sports and other physically demanding activities. We are here to help in the unfortunate case of joint injuries.
surgery caused joint pain


After a surgery, some people experience significant pain. Additionally, we have found that our treatment works even when a surgery could not fix the problem.
old age joint pain


As we grow older, our body is not what it used to be. Our treatment is designed to allow our body to begin to repair itself through out specialized formulation.
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Our Two-Fold Joint Pain Treatment

Our treatment consists of a localized injection at involved nerves. Our injection is designed to increase blood flow and circulation to make your body flush out inflamed areas while keeping you off harmful narcotics and opioids.

In addition, we utilize the newest cryotherapy devices to spray a near-freezing stream of CO2 to decrease the temperature of the involved area in order to trigger the rebound circulation and increase blood flow.

When you have joint pain, simple tasks like driving a car or taking a walk with a loved one can be painful and difficult.

You may have depended on oral medications to manage your symptoms. But these medications can only do so much — they can’t address the root of the problem. They can also cause another host of problems because of the side effects they produce.
It’s time to move beyond relying solely on these medications. At The Joint Clinic, we focus on reducing joint pain and improving your body functions with our new, innovative methods.

Our doctor will sit down with you to assess your condition and use a fluoroscope to pinpoint the nerves responsible for your pain.
We provide a combination of innovative joint pain treatments that come with minimal side effects.
Many of our patients reported improvement in their symptoms, including pain, range of motion and ability to enjoy activities.

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