How We Ease Your Joint Pain

We treat a wide variety of joint pain from a wide range of injuries including sports injuries, accidents, surgeries and more.

What is Joint Pain?

Joints serve as connectors between your bones. When they get damaged, whether by injury or illness, they can cause serious pain and even disability. This is because joints play a vital role in supporting and moving your body. There are many conditions associated with joint pain, like arthritis, sprains, and gout.

Joint Pain Conditions We Treat

At Joint Pain Clinic, we don’t just deal with symptoms, we get to the root of your joint aches and treat them with the latest and greatest practices. Here are some conditions we help remedy.

Frozen Shoulder

This is characterized by pain and tension in your shoulder. It’s often caused by a capsule surrounding the joint becoming too thick.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by injuries like damaged cartilage or ligaments. It may also be associated with conditions like arthritis.

Neck Pain

This is often a result of poor posture or illness like osteoarthritis. Symptoms include not being able to move your head properly and spasms in the affected area.

Hip Pain

The hip joint is quite durable, but age can cause wear, and ultimately, pain in the area.

Back Pain

Back pain symptoms can be caused by a variety of conditions like muscle strain, arthritis, or bulging spine disks.

Hand Pain

This is often caused by arthritis or repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Get Expert Care for Your Pain

If you’re experiencing these problems, get them checked out and treated by a professional immediately. You don’t want them to worsen, as problems like back pain and shoulder pain can eventually lead to disability. If you’re looking for expert care, head to Joint Pain Clinic. Our treatment process is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve painkillers.

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Possible Causes of Joint Pain

surgical complication joint pain

Post-Operative Joint Pain

Some patients experience increased pain and limited range of motion of the joint operated on. This new complaint takes away from the success of the surgery.


Unsuccessful Rehabilitation

Some patients who undergo joint surgeries do not regain the expected range of motion and improved activity of daily living despite undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

Trauma Arising From Day to Day Life

Trauma is a common occurrence including falls, car accidents, bumping into surrounding objects and can cause dysfunction and significant pain of affected joints. The goal of our clinic is to minimize the associated inflammation and pain while improving the activity of daily living for our affected patients.

car accident joint pain

Car Accidents

Life can quickly change before your eyes, in the unfortunate event of a car crash joints are likely to be the first to be injured. Our treatment is viable for this event.

slip and fall joint pain

Slips & Falls

Something as innocent as walking up the stairs can sometimes lead to a fall that can cause terrible pain. Our clinic has a successful track record of imrpoving pain and quality life of affected patients.

sports pain joint injury

Joint Pain From Sports Injuries

We know everyone loves sports, outdoor activities and physically exerting exercising but sometimes you do get hurt in this process. Our treatment is designed to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Some of our patients have gotten back to these aforementioned activities within weeks with our minimally invasive, non-narcotic joint pain treatment.

Have Any of These Unfortunate Events Happened to You?

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