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The Joint Clinic is a joint pain care clinic in long beach that helps in treating and managing aches caused by sports injuries, surgeries, or just old age. We use innovative procedures to treat the root cause of your pain without having to do major surgeries.

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We Treat a Variety of Different Pain in Your Body!

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Our Specialized Joint Pain Treatment

The pain described by patients is associated with decreased blood flow to the painful joint. The two treatment modalities our clinic applies is designed to increase blood flow to the affected areas, decrease inflammation, increase range of motion to the affected joints, and improve your quality of life.
our specialized joint pain treatment

Our goal is to get your joint pain under control in order to help you begin living your life the way you deserve.

What Sets Us Apart

Joint Pain Clinic understands that joint pain can make the easiest tasks challenging. And even with regular medication, relief is temporary. This is why our joint pain care clinic in Long Beach helps treat and manage your discomfort through minimally invasive procedures that get to the root of the problem.

Our medical director, Georges F. El Khoury, M.D., has decades of experience in addressing joint pains and has certification with the American Board of Anesthesiology. You can count on us to provide you with accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment procedures for your condition. When you’re in our care, you won’t just live pain-free, you’ll be painkiller-free too.

A New Type of Pain Management

We pride ourselves on providing a different type of pain management. Most physicians prescribe narcotics to reduce pain, however, we do not believe in masking the problem, but rather we target the symptoms with our specialized treatment in order to alleviate the symptoms without harmful side-effects.
minimally invasive injections for joint pain

Specialized Injections

Our specialized injections increases blood-flow to the affected areas to reduce inflammation.
non-narcotic joint pain treatment


Taking prescription pain killers has several drawbacks that we do not support. Our method is narcotics free.

Extensive Experience Treating Joint Pain

Our medical staff has close to 40 years of pain management treatment. We have seen and treated all different types of joint pain associated with surgeries, sports injuries, age, frozen joints as well as any other reason. We are well suited to handle any type of joint pain with our specialized treatment.

We pride ourselves on being the premier pain management clinic worldwide with the most innovative treatment designed to treat your particular joint pain and avoid narcotics and other prescription pills.

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